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ATOL claims / claims to be lodged against Goldtrail

FAQ’s - Frequently asked questions:



‘ATOL’ – Air Travel Organisers Licence – administered by the CAA.

‘CAA’ – Civil Aviation Authority.

‘Travel Agent’ – a term to define a travel agency and for purposes of this section of FAQ’s, has no bearing on the type of transaction undertaken between the travel agent and Goldtrail Travel Limited.

the Administrators’  the Joint Administrators of Goldtrail Travel Limited, being Jamie Taylor and Mark Fry, to be corresponded to at The Old Exchange, 234 Southchurch Road, Southend-on-Sea, Essex, SS1 2EG, or by telephone 01702 467 255; by fax: 01702 467 201 or by e-mail

‘Creditor’  - a person / company owed money by Goldtrail Travel Limited as at the date of Administration, being 16th July 2010.


ATOL claims / claims to be lodged against Goldtrail Travel Limited – in administration.


Note: ATOL have an update section on Goldtrail Travel Limited ATOL claims processing. Please see this link: (this link is valid as at the date of posting to this website and may be changed at any time by ATOL).



1. QUESTION: Where can I get an ATOL claim form?


ANSWER: Such forms are available directly from ATOL. (this link is valid as at the date of posting to this website and may be changed at any time by ATOL).




2. QUESTION: I have supplied my travel agent with a completed ATOL claim form but have not heard anything since. What can I do?


ANSWER: Firstly, please check with the travel agent that they have received your form and that they have then sent it on to the Civil Aviation Authority, along with the information they must provide to validate the claim.


If they have sent your claim in, you should receive an acknowledgement from the CAA within 28 days of its receipt.  Contact details for claimants are listed on the CAA’s website.




3. QUESTION: Can the Administrator’s assist with my ATOL claim form or intervene on my behalf?


ANSWER: No. The ATOL scheme is administered by the CAA. The process is outside of anything which the Administrator’s can undertake on your behalf. The Administrator’s deal only with ‘Goldtrail Travel Limited – in Administration’ and your claim against it should you have one. This will likely occur if your claim has been rejected by the CAA and you are not able to get a refund from another source, such as the agent, insurance or card issuer.  See question 6 below.




4. QUESTION: The CAA have notified me that my claim has been rejected. What can I do?


ANSWER: If your claim has been rejected, you may be entitled to a refund from another source, such as through travel insurance or a card issuer.  Your travel agent may also be able to advise you.  Otherwise, please send in the letter/notification from the CAA advising that the claim is rejected to the Administrators together with a completed Creditor’s Statement of Claim form available for download from this website.




5. QUESTION: I have been told that I should lodge a claim with the Administrators against Goldtrail Travel Limited – in Administration, what does this mean and how do I do this?


ANSWER: If your claim has been rejected, and you have no other source for a refund, please complete the Creditor’s Statement of Claim form available for download from this website and return it to the Administrators together with all relevant supporting information. The CAA’s rejection letter must be supplied. Your claim will then be noted on the list of unsecured creditors. Subject to the subsequent process of claim agreement, your claim will rank for dividend purposes should one be paid in due course. You need take no further action once you receive confirmation that the claim has been noted by the Administrators.




6. QUESTION: ATOL have rejected my claim but I have travel insurance and/or booked by credit card, what should I do now?


ANSWER: ATOL, travel insurance and credit card protection are all separate resources you may have to recover the funds you have lost. Your rights are unaffected and you should notify your claim to your travel insurance or credit card protection provider as quickly as possible. They will direct you how to handle the claim and who to address it to first.




7. QUESTION: I have heard and/or read that an Administrator does not have power to pay dividends to unsecured creditors, is this correct? If so, how do I receive a dividend, if applicable?


ANSWER: Yes, this correct. It is for this reason that one of the proposed exit routes from Administration is Liquidation. A liquidator does automatically have such powers and the conversion from administration to liquidation is very quick. The other considered exit route, a company voluntary arrangement, will also provide the Supervisor of such the ability to pay an unsecured dividend.




QUESTION: These questions and answers provide some insight, but they do not cover the specific query that I have. What should I do?


ANSWER: ATOL have provided their own Q&A which you can check. Please follow this link (valid on date of positing to this website):


If this still does not address the particular question that you have, please could you contact the Administrators at directly.

Last updated 21 September 2010