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FAQs for former employees

FAQ’s - Frequently asked questions:



‘ATOL’ – Air Travel Organisers Licence – administered by the CAA.

‘CAA’ – Civil Aviation Authority.

‘Travel Agent’ – a term to define a travel agency and for purposes of this section of FAQ’s, has no bearing on the type of transaction undertaken between the travel agent and Goldtrail Travel Limited.

The Administrators’  the Joint Administrators of Goldtrail Travel Limited, being Jamie Taylor and Mark Fry, to be corresponded to at The Old Exchange, 234 Southchurch Road, Southend-on-Sea, Essex, SS1 2EG, or by telephone 01702 467 255; by fax: 01702 467 201 or by e-mail

‘Creditor’  - a person / company owed money by Goldtrail Travel Limited as at the date of Administration, being 16th July 2010.



FAQ for ex-employees of Goldtrail Travel Limited



QUESTION: I completed Form RP1 and sent it into the Administrators but have not yet heard anything, what should I do.


ANSWER: The Administrators confirm that all RP1 forms received have been forwarded on to the Redundancy Payments Service (‘RPS’) for processing. This was done shortly after the forms were received.



Once they are sent to the Redundancy Payments Service (with supporting information that the administrators have supplied to the RPS) the Administrators have no further direct involvement unless there are any queries on the forms which the Administrators can assist with. In the first instance, please contact the Watford RPO office on 01923 210 700 or in writing to PO Box 15, Exchange House, 60 Exchange Rd, Watford, WD1 7SP to request an update on your claim.




QUESTION: I have had monies from the RPS but this isn’t what I claimed, what should I do?


ANSWER: The RPS makes payments in accordance with statutory limits, which at the time of the administration of Goldtrail Travel Limited were your gross weekly wage or otherwise a maximum of £380 per week.



Shortfalls in the amounts of your claim are then a claim against Goldtrail Travel Limited – in Administration. The RPS provide us with details of the claims processed and the amounts paid out to individuals so that we can ensure any dividends are paid to the right party.


The RPS claims from Goldtrail Travel Limited – in Administration as a creditor in your place for the amounts it has paid out to you. This is based on certain percentages depending on the size of the claim.


Employee claims are categorised as follows:



Preferential claims are:

Arrears of Wages up to £800

Holiday pay (subject to certain time limits).


Unsecured claims are:

Arrears of wages over the £800 preferential limit.

Redundancy pay.

Pay in lieu of Notice.

Any other claim which you may have that does not fit into the preferential category above or otherwise dealt with.


These list the most common and frequent categorised of claim but it is not exhaustive.


Preferential claims are paid as soon as possible and by law, must be paid from funds available prior to any monies being made available to pay a dividend on unsecured claims.


Preferential claims are likely to be paid soon after the initial meeting of creditors (subject to receipt of the claim from the redundancy payments service and sufficient funds in place).


The Administrators have no direct power to pay dividends to unsecured creditors and it is for this reason that the ‘exit route’ from administration will be liquidation. A liquidator does have such powers.


Last updated 16 September 2010