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FAQs re: Insurance claims and Litigation.


‘ATOL’ – Air Travel Organisers Licence – administered by the CAA.

‘CAA’ – Civil Aviation Authority.

‘Travel Agent’ – a term to define a travel agency and for purposes of this section of FAQ’s, has no bearing on the type of transaction undertaken between the travel agent and Goldtrail Travel Limited.

The Administrators’  the Joint Administrators of Goldtrail Travel Limited, being Jamie Taylor and Mark Fry, to be corresponded to at The Old Exchange, 234 Southchurch Road, Southend-on-Sea, Essex, SS1 2EG, or by telephone 01702 467 255; by fax: 01702 467 201 or by e-mail

‘Creditor’  - a person / company owed money by Goldtrail Travel Limited as at the date of Administration, being 16th July 2010.



Insurance claims (for injury) & Litigation against Goldtrail Travel Limited – in administration.



QUESTION: Did the Company have insurance?


ANSWER: Yes, and the insurers have retained the services of solicitors to deal with claims already in progress. You must notify the Administrators first of any claims to be made as they must be issued against Goldtrail Travel Limited – in Administration. Such claims will also require permission in the first instance (see below). The Administrators will then notify the insurers and their solicitors.




QUESTION: I have been told I need ‘permission’ to continue or initiate legal proceedings against Goldtrail Travel Limited – in Administration. Is this true?


ANSWER: Yes. Under insolvency legislation, when a Company is placed into Administration, a prohibition falls on the issue of new legal proceedings and those already in progress are halted at the point at which they have reached. You should first write to the Administrator’s to seek permission to initiate/continue legal proceedings. If you are dissatisfied with the answer, you may make an application to Court for permission. Administrator’s will not unreasonably withhold permission but they will need to discuss this with solicitors before permission is considered. Your solicitors will likely deal with these matters on your behalf.




QUESTION: I have an ongoing claim which was being dealt with prior to the Administration of Goldtrail Travel Limited, what happens now?


ANSWER: The Administrator’s have already liaised with the solicitors instructed on behalf of the Company’s insurers. They in turn are liaising with solicitors you have instructed to pursue your claim. Please revert to your own solicitors for an update on the progress of your matter.





Last updated 16 September 2010